How to check my laravel version

Updated: 14th April 2024
Tags: laravel
php artisan about

It will show laravel version with bunch of other usefull information.

artisan about

[Solved] CSRF Token Mismatch Error from API Laravel Sanctum

Updated: 14th April 2024
Tags: php laravel sanctum

[Solved] Composer require / Generating optimized autoload files is very slow

Updated: 14th April 2024
Tags: php composer laravel windows10

Add whole directory of your app to windows defender Exclusions. You can also move your projects in project directory and add projects to exclusion.

Cloudflare setup 301 Redirect from domain / subdomain

Updated: 14th April 2024
Tags: cloudflare

Social metatags for vue app

Updated: 7th April 2024
Tags: vue nginx laravel

Laravel FormRequest handling checkbox

Updated: 7th March 2024
Tags: laravel

PHP and money calculations

Updated: 10th January 2024
Tags: php

Please, use integer as cents, don't do my mistake, if you are using PHP.

I was shocked when discovered that php is using float and doesn't have decimal. I have a lot of code already done, so I used bcmath to get around, but if I had known this earlier, I would have used integers.

MySQL remove duplicate rows

Updated: 17th November 2023
Tags: mysql sql

[Solved] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fragment not attached to a context

Updated: 11th October 2023
Tags: android java

Explain linux file permission like I'm Five

Updated: 2th June 2023
Tags: ubuntu linux

php get link from atom feed

Updated: 26th May 2023
Tags: php

How to read rss or atom with php

Updated: 26th May 2023
Tags: php

uajax - Universal Ajax Forms or how I created htmx killer

Updated: 10th May 2023
Tags: javascript html forms ajax

How to post to facebook page using api with plain php

Updated: 26th April 2023
Tags: php facebook

crop center and resize image using cwebp respecting aspect ratio (php)

Updated: 30th March 2023
Tags: php cwebp

bootstrap 5 hide existing modal using javascript

Updated: 30th March 2023
Tags: bootstrap5 javascript

chart.js show percentage in pie chart

Updated: 28th March 2023
Tags: javascript chart.js

Convert php array to javascript array

Updated: 28th March 2023
Tags: php javascript

[Solved] file_put_contents(/bootstrap/cache/packages.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied

Updated: 17th February 2023
Tags: laravel php ubuntu

mysql str_replace

Updated: 4th February 2023
Tags: mysql sql
UPDATE my_table SET column1 = REPLACE(column1, 'search string', 'replacement');